“Luca Debus has done much more than simply put Wilde's language into balloons and draw the characters around them. He transformed it for the medium, and in a particular ingenious fashion.”

– Darcy Sullivan, press officer of the Oscar Wilde Society

The clever, inventive, and funny adaptation of Oscar Wilde's greatest play

The Victorian age of good manners and high society, which was so wonderfully portrayed by Oscar Wilde, comes back to life in a labyrinth of misunderstandings and delightful contradictions.

Love, lies, absurd circumstances and ridiculous hats will let the reader know that there is actually nothing more becoming and essential in the world than the importance of being earnest.

The most renowned and brilliant comedy by Oscar Wilde is transformed here into a comic by adopting the traditional structure of telling a joke in four tempos, as classically performed in the greatest American comic strips.

Each set of four panels, strip after strip, the reader will be taken along as the plot unfolds – never betraying, however, the customary joke demanded at the end of each strip. In this way, the rhythm of events recounted in the famous comedy will be marked by a crescendo of laughter and plot twists which cannot disappoint.


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